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A cardiologist takes care about the health of our patients on a daily basis, and if it is necessary we organize also visit of other medical specialist...
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Lipovački put 13, Lipovica
Belgrade, Serbia
Mob: 066/ 88 321 88


Darinke Jevrić 40, Višnjička Banja
Belgrade, Serbia
Mob: 066/ 88 321 88


MEDICAL SERVICES: daily making various medical analysis- blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, giving medical treatment, infusions and injections, changing of catheters, blood sampling, prevention of pressure ulcer formation with the proper treatment of the existing pressure ulcer, regular lab analysis, ECG, etc.

NUTRITION: Cooks in our nursing home prepare every day three main courses and two snacks. Special attention is paid to the freshness and safety of groceries, and nutritional value of prepared meals. We pay attention also on the specific nutritional needs of some patients and meals are prepared in accordance with those needs (special diet).

HYGIENE:  Staff in our nursing home is responsible for regular keeping hygiene of our elderly and disabled patients. This includes daily washing, hair care, dental hygiene, dressing but bathing, shaving and hair cut are carried out according to a defined schedule. Cloths are washed in our nursing home, and bed linen is changed once a week (if there is a need, bed linen could be changed more often). The nursing home “SENIOR PLUS 2” has contract with related medical institutions that we contact in an emergency (ER, MMA and private medical ambulances).

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At our nursing home there is a lift. We also have professionals working with persons with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.